CircleCI CLI Binary should --skip-update-check by default when run inside CircleCI

CircleCI provide the circleci-cli orb which is incredibly useful for building a CI/CD process for orbs themselves. However as noticed from the source of that orb and from our own interactions here, CircleCI's (sensible) default behaviour is to perform an update check which results in a slower build and corrupted output such as the following:


⠋ Checking for updates... ⠙ Checking for updates... ⠹ Checking for updates... ⠸Already up-to-date. ⠼Already up-to-date. ⠴Already up-to-date.


This can be manually skipped with a `--skip-update-check` flag but it might make sense for the CLI tool to simply detect the `CI` or `CIRCLE` environment variables and then automatically skip the update check based on this.

  • Toby Pinder
  • Mar 27 2019
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  • Toby Pinder commented
    March 28, 2019 19:07

    This should have been posted under my username, apologies

  • Alex Turek commented
    04 Feb 17:23

    Please implement this flag for the CLI! I shouldn't be getting throttled by Github when running `circleci config pack`, a totally offline operation :(