Orbs in CircleCI Server

Within our company, we are trying to migrate 100+ repositories to use CircleCI. In each repository, the config.yml is very similar, with only a few parameters different. Orbs would be greatly simplify our migration process, as it would remove duplication as well as enabling bugs to be fixed in a single place.

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  • Mar 21 2019
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  • Klaus Youm commented
    November 20, 2019 04:38

    +1 My company uses CircleCI Server and we are totally waiting this feature, Orbs. As you know, several orbs examples are already provided in CircleCI documentatino and the developers in my company want to use this. Because it is very very simple and more powerful than other CI solutions, in my opinions. Thus, I already sent these opinions to my CircleCI solution engineer. Please consider this feature seriously with high priority.

  • Oleksii Samorukov commented
    May 07, 2019 18:20

    +1, we have the same situation with a number of very similar repos. Also it would be great to have ability to use community-provided orbs in our on premise install.

  • Mike Smorul commented
    May 01, 2019 17:45

    We have a similar need in that our environment has a bunch of odd configurations we need folks to use. Having orbs available would greatly simplify distributing these out to various consumers.