Optional and Targetable Deployment Environments

Customers would like the ability to run optional jobs that deploy to specific environments.

  • The jobs should be optional, and not hold a workflow as "pending"
  • The jobs should support parameterization/input options as often it is only the artifact and target that is different.
  • The Jobs should use some "artifact" of a previous job as the deployment payload
  • The jobs should support approvals
  • The jobs status should report up, ideally including versions and environments.

Use case:
A build is triggered on master branch, and successfully passes automated steps.  The team than elects to push selective deployments to environments that may not always get deployments, and may not have a hard order.  The team would like to see status of a glance (what version of the project is in each environment)

  • Eddie Webb
  • Jan 8 2019
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    January 10, 2019 22:56

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