Add Hold jobs to jobs list

A Hold job is counted in the running Workflow interface ("4 jobs in this workflow") but it never appears in the Jobs list. You can't tell that a workflow is sitting in a Hold job by looking at the Jobs list. You have to watch the Workflows list for purple items. The Jobs list would be more useful if Hold jobs would appear there, purple until acted upon.

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  • Nov 30 2018
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  • Vinny Thanh commented
    12 Aug 20:04

    Thanks for submitting this idea! Our new user interface removes the Jobs Page in favor of the Pipelines Page, which shows not only pipelines on hold, but the Approval job in the dropdown as well. If you have feedback on the new UI, you can always tweet at us, provide feedback in the pop-up form in the dashboard, or by popping a Feedback/bug post into our forum. Happy building!

  • Marton Snow commented
    October 29, 2019 22:23

    100% on this ... we've had missed deployments because everything was green even though the hold step hadn't been actioned.