Allow list-type parameters in Orbs

It'd be useful to allow handling lists of values for a parameter, without having to resort to workarounds like parsing comma-separated lists in `string` types.


I think it would be useful to be able to specify something like:




  - myorb/foo:
        - baz
        - qux
And have the `myorb/foo` command called with a `bar` parameter equal to `[ "baz", "qux" ]`.
  • Dave Henderson
  • Nov 25 2018
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  • Patrick Madsen commented
    01 Apr 11:24

    yes, something like tags are an obvious use-case. Similarly, a map type for passing for instance configurations etc. to a re-usable command would be fantastic.

  • Emerson Farrugia commented
    June 06, 2019 17:05

    An obvious use case being, e.g. 

    - ${CIRCLE_SHA1}
    - "latest"