Workflows in orbs

I want to be able to define an entire workflow in an orb, using the jobs of my orb and allowing parameters to conditionally choose which jobs to run and allow parameterization of branch and tag filters as well.

  • Nathan Dintenfass
  • Sep 25 2018
  • Not planned
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  • Brandon Chinn commented
    15 Jul 19:04

    Build matrix can certainly help, but if you have job1 and job2 which are different jobs (i.e. cannot be consolidated into a single job via parameters), there's still a duplication if two workflows want to use both jobs. In the same way an orb can define custom steps that encapsulate multiple steps, it would be nice if there could be a corresponding feature where an orb can define a "job" that encapsulate multiple jobs.

  • Admin
    Scott Wheeler commented
    15 Jul 18:55

    We've recently released the build matrix feature, which will help reduce duplicate workflows. You can find more information on our blog here:

  • Øystein Grændsen commented
    21 Feb 09:22

    This would be a great asset for us!

  • J K commented
    November 18, 2019 12:58

    I see this as a critical next step for orbs. Right now we have way too much duplicate code in our different repos that follow the same workflow.