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  • Feb 23 2018
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  • Xavier B commented
    30 Jul 22:44

    We currently use self-hosted gitlab. Switching to GitHub is not an option. We would love to leverage the xcods/iOS pipeline support from CircleCI

  • miguel pragier commented
    29 Jul 12:20

    +1 for GITLab integration

  • Hans van der Zwet commented
    15 Jul 19:13


    Not moving to GitHub to be able to use CircleCI, but would use CircleCI if they supported Gitlab integration

  • Ihor Chyshkala commented
    24 Jun 11:59

    — Dear CircleCI, pls add Gitlab support, pleeeease!
    — How to migrate from Gitlab

  • Michael Martinez commented
    22 Jun 23:09

    +1 for gitlab support

  • Zakayo Thuku commented
    18 Jun 12:25

    Any update on this?

  • Vardhman Hundia commented
    16 Jun 07:15

    +1 for gitlab support

  • Yoann ROUSSEAU commented
    12 May 18:28

    The only reason I don't pay for a Performance Plan is it is out of the question to migrate all our Gitlab repositories to GitHub. So we put patches here and there on CI / CD tools that do not correspond to what we would like, what a pity... Give us a Gitlab integration and we migrate on this tool in the week ! Wake up !

  • Facundo Siracusa commented
    09 May 15:44

    pleasseeeee i need it

  • Guest commented
    14 Apr 22:11

    Any update on this? Really want to use CircleCI, but can't migrate our 100+ repositories from Gitlab to GitHub.

  • Richi Dev commented
    11 Apr 06:55

    plz plz do this! The community is talking. Listen to us!!

  • Aarat Nathwani commented
    05 Mar 17:10


  • Sherri W commented
    21 Feb 19:41


    I want to keep my private repos at GitLab, but use the same CI as my OSS projects on GitHub (circle ci).

  • G Z commented
    21 Feb 15:30

    I have been migrating my apps to gitlab and I really need the CircleCI integration feature.
    Gitlab support we need you!!

  • Wadinga Leonard commented
    19 Feb 21:44

    We need this.

  • Ilja Strobbe commented
    04 Feb 15:14


  • Nicholas Washington commented
    07 Jan 06:44

    From the looks of the original thread that let me here, this is a request that dates back to 2015 (by all means feel free to correct me on this). I am new to the world of devOps and currently working with github, gitlab (migrating from github), and circleci for iOS builds. I have found little to nothing regarding any updates to the possible support/integration of gitlab. I greatly apologize for not knowing the in's and out's of the difficulty behind this feature while asking "Is there any updated timeline on when integration/support for gitlab would be publicly available?" 

  • Nitin Parasa commented
    December 06, 2019 09:47

    +1 on self-hosted Gitlab repository and

  • Stephen Hendrix commented
    December 03, 2019 18:43

    Huge +1 on this!  We currently use GitLab and have been evaluating Circle.  We love Circle so far but not being able to integrate with an industry leader (GitLab) is a deal breaker.  I see that it is now on the roadmap... any ETA on this?

  • Nathan Chere commented
    November 28, 2019 13:15

    Huge +1. We've looked at CircleCI and see a few key advantages over GitLab's own CI but the requirement to host repositories on GitHub is a dealbreaker.

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