Collapse all running pipeline builds

Currently when you visit the pipeline it uncollapses all builds in progress. Most time I am scanning for a specific build or looking for my own. I don't need to see all jobs in a pipeline by default.

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  • May 19 2020
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  • Leo Critchley commented
    05 Aug 16:55

    +1 This is costing me half a minute each time I go to the pipelines page. It’s not a huge amount, but it adds up!

  • Dmitri Molchanov commented
    30 Jul 19:25


    Much desired to have these settings in the appearance options to collapse/expand builds by status.

    e.g. One might want all successful/canceled builds collapsed by default but failed/running builds expanded by default.

  • McKenzie Abbdon commented
    24 Jun 17:54


  • Admin
    Liya Ai commented
    27 May 20:58

    Hi Zachary! Thanks for your feedback - our team is aware of the feature and its on our radar.