Allow me to see ALL projects in the new UI

I manage several open source projects under a single free CircleCI tier. The forced project filtering makes it really hard to track down why  workflows aren't running.


e.g. I know that I can run up to 4 workflows at the same time, but I only see 2 running. So I have to filter by each project, one by one until I find the one that is running.


A default filter of 'all' would solve this for my team.

  • Benjamin Charity
  • Feb 18 2020
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    Kate Catlin commented
    22 Jun 22:13

    Hi all,

    Great news, this feature will be rolling out to batches of users this week! You'll be able to select "all" in the project-picker and will see Pipelines for all projects you are following. Might be worth checking your "add projects" page now to make sure you follow the ones that are relevant.

    Thanks for posting and adding to the data to get this shipped,

    Kate Catlin

    Senior Product Manager, CircleCI

  • Sterling Camden commented
    05 Mar 22:28

    desperately need this. it is straight up unusable for people with multi repo setups right now.

  • Benjamin Charity commented
    18 Feb 14:36

    Of course I found after I posted this. Feel free to close as a duplicate and I will post my use-case as a comment there.