New UI is bad

Can you please make it default to the old UI, for the love of god the new one is so difficult to use and understand. It is not intuitive at all.

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  • Feb 13 2020
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  • caleb collins-parks commented
    04 Aug 16:41

    Pro-tip: new UI is better at 90% zoom

  • Taylor Kearns commented
    29 Jul 13:51

    The old UI is really nice. I think it's really well thought out and easy to read.

  • Taylor Kearns commented
    29 Jul 13:47

    The design of the old UI of the builds (which is where I spend most of my time) feels a lot better. It has a more efficient layout, the color scheme and white space is better. The responsive layouts are much better. It doesn't look like much attention was paid to responsiveness of the table view. See attached. It feels as if the new UI was dev-signed rather than put through the design rigor that the old UI went through.

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    Kate Catlin commented
    13 Feb 18:05

    Hi there,


    Sorry to hear this. Making our new UI intuitive and easy to use was our primary goal in overhauling it. I'd like to learn more about why it's not working for you and/or your team. Perhaps we can make adjustments before we roll out to everyone. 


    Would you be interested in doing a formal user-interview with us? This is a 1-hour recorded video call. We're happy to share a $50 gift card as a token of our gratitude if you participate. If you're open to it, please book some time here:


    If not, the more specifics you can relay that we can act on, the more we can help. 


    Thank you in advance,


    Kate Catlin

    Product Manager, Developer Experience