Support Docker 19.03 in remote docker

Add support in machine executor and remote docker for Docker version 19.03

The machine executor was updated with 19.03 on April 23rd. More on this release can be found in our Announcements section of the forum and in our changelog.

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  • Dec 6 2019
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  • Admin
    Sara Read commented
    21 May 20:59

    Hi everyone! This has been shipped. Docker 19.03 is now available for the Machine Executor and remote_docker.

  • Admin
    Sara Read commented
    19 May 14:52

    Hi everyone! Thanks for your patience on this and apologies for not updating this thread sooner. The machine executor has been updated with 19.03 installed. More on this release can be found in our Announcements section of the forum and in our changelog.

    Remote docker has not yet been updated. We will leave this idea open to continue collecting feedback for remote docker.

  • Ashley Penney commented
    18 May 21:17

    It's frustrating that something so basic is still not done. 2019.03 came out some 10 months ago at this point. What possibly reason could you have for taking so long? We're at the point of leaving CircleCI altogether due to stuff like this.

  • Matthew Morrissette commented
    08 May 21:01

    With 19.03.3 we could support Buildkit cache storage via the circleci cache build steps using Buildkit based cached images (right now docker_layer_caching: true doesn't work correctly when you have concurrent builds on multiple branches).

  • Mike K commented
    30 Apr 15:45

    +1. This would be fantastic!

  • Ben W commented
    15 Apr 04:58


  • Charles Bensimon commented
    03 Apr 09:05

    Yes, definitely it would be great.

    And it is really weird that it's not the case today, as it requires really minimal work on your side.

    Would it conflict / collision your internal Docker layer caching feature ?

  • Ariel Silverman commented
    26 Feb 19:41

    Without Docker +19.03 I cannot use Buildkit features

  • Layo commented
    15 Jan 17:53

    I'm also looking forward to a machine image with Docker +19.03 because I'm using Buildkit features that are working properly in such version (v19.03.3 more specifically)

    If you can update docker-compose on the go would be fantastic.