All projects view in the new Pipelines experience

Currently in the new Pipelines view you can view individual projects, but you can't view all of them. For anyone who works on more than one project (ex. many microservices split into various projects) it's tedious to continually switch between each project, particularly when the deployment of one project depends on the deployment of another/others.


It would be helpful to see the list of all Pipelines across all projects in reverse chronological order (newest first).

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  • Oct 16 2019
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  • Admin
    Liya Ai commented
    30 Jun 04:07

    We've shipped the cross-project view and all users should be able to use the functionality now. The new view allows you to see all pipelines run across projects you follow, and can be reached by changing your org, erasing the project name in the URL, or selecting 'all' in the projects drop down. Thank you for all the feedback.

  • William Lahti commented
    24 Jun 20:25

    Great to hear this is coming! Love CircleCI, keep up the great work everyone!

  • Admin
    Kate Catlin commented
    18 Jun 17:02

    Hi all,

    As an update on this, we are polishing off the cross-project view now. Thank you for all who participated in giving us feedback. This will be rolled out soon.


    Kate Catlin

    Senior Product Manager, CircleCI

  • Zino Hofmann commented
    31 May 11:57
  • Admin
    Liya Ai commented
    27 May 21:05

    Hi All - thanks for your feedback. I wanted to share that this is on our product team's radar. Thanks for your patience & we hope to provide more details soon.

  • Arthur Goldberg commented
    12 May 17:56

    This is not an informative summary of all of our workflows.

  • Arthur Goldberg commented
    12 May 02:21
  • Arthur Goldberg commented
    12 May 02:16

    This is ESSENTIAL.

  • Yusuf commented
    10 May 23:25

    Why would on earth this is not available when filtering requires additional work than not filtering. You don't need users to tell you this.

  • Charlie Briggs commented
    30 Mar 15:41

    This seems pretty essential for seeing what is blocking a project when you don't follow several hundred projets.

  • Anthony Liatsis commented
    26 Mar 20:55

    Please implement the All Projects view in Pipelines. I've been trying to get used to the new Pipelines experience but it is a deal breaker to not see all projects in order of recency.

  • Alexandre Bourdin commented
    25 Mar 13:32

    Pushing for this, this makes the new UI unusable for me as well. To be noted that switching projects in the dropdown causes a full reload of the page, which is completely unpractical.

    As the deadline to force the switch to the new UI comes, I hope this gets implemented, otherwise this will become a nightmare from a usability point of view.

  • Eckhart Camden commented
    06 Mar 00:43

    This would make our life so much easier. Please do this.

  • Sterling Camden commented
    05 Mar 22:28

    desperately need this. it is straight up unusable for people with multi repo setups right now.

  • Benjamin Charity commented
    18 Feb 14:36

    This is a large pain point for my team also. I manage several open source projects under a single free CircleCI tier. The forced project filtering makes it really hard to track down why  workflows aren't running.


    e.g. I know that I can run up to 4 workflows at the same time, but I only see 2 running. So I have to filter by each project, one by one until I find the one that is running.


    A default filter of 'all' would solve this for my team.

  • Admin
    Kate Catlin commented
    December 18, 2019 03:02

    Hi all, 


    Thanks for voicing this. This is the second time we've heard it mentioned that cross-projects views would specifically aid those with microservices. It makes a lot of sense for your workflow. 


    I'd like to understand your microservices process so we can build towards a solution that works for you. 


    Would you be interested in doing a formal user-interview with us? This is a 1-hour recorded video call. We're happy to share a $50 gift card as a token of our gratitude if you participate. 


    If you're open to it, please book some time here:


    Thank you in advance,


    Kate Catlin

    Product Manager, Developer Experience

  • Guest commented
    December 13, 2019 21:25

    I also work on a project that's actually multiple projects in CircleCI - one per microservice, as Guest above mentioned. And similarly I'd like to see currently running jobs from all projects together.